Cruz Chiropractic Care

Unlimited Chiropractic
Get Well . . . Stay Well!
David W. Cruz, B.A., B.S., D.C.

3156 Vista Way, Suite 160
Oceanside, CA 92056
Office Phone: (760) 729-3970

  Info Line #: (760) 814-1233


Chiropractic is NOT just for pain . . . Our members enjoy the benefits of a spine that is aligned regularly which helps tremendously: Improves sleep, relaxes muscles, improves posture, increases flexibility, decreases stress and tension, strengthens immune system, helps relieve pain and headaches and helps to slow spinal degeneration to name a few!!


Affordable Chiropractic Unlimited:
o Chiropractic care for just $79/month (Limited Time Rate)
o Add your entire immediate family for $30/month
o No appointments necessary . . . No Waiting!!

Affordable Massage:

o Member-discounted therapeutic massage for $60 per hour

Affordable Decompression:

o Low Back and Neck - complete programs starting at $895

Nutritional Analysis is included:

o Comprehensive Nutritional Assessment along with a printout and consultation with a Certified Nutritional Consultant is part of your wellness program and can be accessed through the Member-Access tab

Posture Correction Center in office:
o Special In-Office equipment to help restore normal neck curvature
and encourage proper posture

Extensive Health and Wellness Education:
o In-Office Yoga, Stretching, Exercise Demos
o What is Health Care vs. Disease Care
o Weight Loss/Management Program

Complimentary Bi-week
ly e-Newsletters:
o Valuable information about Health, Wellness & Prevention

Discounted Health Care Products for Members:
o Cervical Pillows, Cervical Neck Rolls, Ice Packs, Bio-Freeze and many other health-related items at reduced Members-Only pricing

A Member-Only Access Page

o Specific Stretches, links to additional health and wellness resources archived e-Newsletters, DNA testing and much more

Coming Soon: 

o Laser Treatment for Allergy Symptoms
o Detox Programs (Liver, Kidney, Heavy Metals, Colon, etc.)
o Body Sculpting Fat Reduction Equipment to lose unwanted fat


The mission of Cruz Chiropractic Care is to provide the members of our community with high quality, affordable health care in a comfortable and caring environment.

We are committed to providing family chiropractic care of the highest quality. We honor the
innate healing capabilities of every patient regardless of their condition or symptoms with which they present.

Our intent is to
change the perception of chiropractic as a pain relief/crisis care treatment to the reality of it being a science, philosophy and art by which interference to our true genetic health potential is removed.

Our goal is to educate the community at large and serve as a beacon of health-oriented knowledge. Our mission is based on an understanding that health is
more than the absence of disease and the human body is more than just the sum of its parts.

At Cruz Chiropractic Care, we are deeply committed to removing the obstacles that you may encounter through life that prevents you from achieving your highest potential for health and well-being. We are committed to working on a
preventive basis for the long-term benefit of your health. This is a new and innovative Chiropractic practice model that requires NO APPOINTMENTS, NO WAITING AND IS AFFORDABLE FOR ANYONE.


Disclaimer: This program is not an insurance plan or insurance replacement nor an offer of chiropractic insurance of any sort.

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